Wound Care Guide

There are many types of wounds, caused by different agents. But for minor and acute wounds, here’s a simple
way to properly manage and care for the wound before getting to a medical institution for a proper treatment.

1. Assess the wound, whether it is a superficial or a deep wound, look out for dirt residue, or foreign bodies
in the wound. If wound is bleeding, be alert for injured blood vessels.

2. Clean the wound site, remove large, visible particles using clean hands or tweezers. Wash wound with running water
to wash away smaller particles.

3. If wound is due to hot water or corrosive material, wash the wound with copious amount of water.

4. Apply pressure with folded gauze/bandages to stop active bleeding and wrap with crepe bandage. If it is
a puncture wound and the piercing object is still present, do not remove the object to avoid more bleeding. Fix
bandage using safety pin. For minor bleeds, Akutol Stop spray can be used.

5. Immediately head to the doctor’s for further assesment and treatment by a more qualified personnel. The doctor
will prescribe medication if necessary.

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